Qualification attributes on the specialty-pre-School education and learning.

Pro activity of your expert is aimed toward the development, education and learning and education of youngsters of early, preschool and preschool age

The graduate need to be well prepared for pedagogical, organizational, managerial, instructional pursuits. such
In accordance considering the standards of contemporary modern society, a specialist must have a higher standard of instruction humanistic beliefs concentrated on universal values. A specialist should really combine wide elementary and simple training to learn his job, have the capacity to practice to apply the obtained data, to possess pedagogical equipment and processes of labor of your professional of preschool instruction. The purpose of the graduates for the specialty is the education and learning, guidance and enhancement of youngsters inside the practical function of preschool corporations, orphanages. Sphere of competent exercise: The sphere of specialized activity of graduates on the specialty is-the subject of training: schooling, instruction and formation of kids of preschool age in accordance using the Common least written content in the Standard education course of preschool education and guidance of youngsters from one particular to six yrs.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduates are: educational companies, pre-school companies, mini-centers, pedagogical faculties, departments of education and learning, institutes of advancement of qualified professional talent. Topics of competent action: The themes of professional activity are: desired goals, aims, articles, forms of business of training and education, effects, different ways to carry out the requirements of your strategy of training on the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sorts of professional action: – schooling, coaching, improvement and development of your style of a preschooler; – group within the technique of instruction and workout, administration of the pedagogical technique; – diagnostics, correction, forecasting of final results of pedagogical activity; finding out, generalization, distribution of state-of-the-art undergo during the sphere of preschool education. Skilled professional functions: Capabilities of skilled activity within the professional of preschool instruction and coaching are: the firm of varied actions of youngsters of preschool age, management of process of development and progression for the persona. Necessities for main competencies around the specialty 0101000 – pre-School schooling and upbringing know: – with regards to the phenomena and laws and regulations of progression of mother nature, modern society and guy; – to the development of culture: range of cultures, civilization, forms of social expertise, the location of Kazakhstan with the world-historical strategy; know: – scientific and theoretical bases and regularities of education, coaching, progression of preschool young boys and girls, abilities of schooling of children of early childhood; – fundamentals within the legislative solution within the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal, moral and moral standards while in the area of professional activity; – styles of mental enhancement, age and unique characteristics in the kid’s psyche; – the function of intellectual growth as a single within the most important problems with planning a baby for school; – new styles of pre-school organizations at present stage; – the essence of contemporary educational systems, enhanced pedagogical, domestic, ethnic undergo inside of the firm of coaching and schooling; – the leading kinds of violations of kid enhancement; – the location and role of preschool pedagogy and private options within the product of interdisciplinary examine in solving effective troubles of education and learning, working out and private improvement of preschool young boys and girls; – characteristics belonging to the problem of growth within the kid’s style around the friends and family on the new kinds of pre-school companies at present phase. know: – to investigate the key economic processes while in the Republic of Kazakhstan and overseas; – to investigate the historical past of preschool pedagogy and the active point out of domestic and international preschool pedagogy; – expose the defining patterns of psychological advancement of kids as well as their relationship with education and training; – use modern-day procedures of scientific investigation, made in psychological and pedagogical science, to understand the ways of processing the actual product; – to expose the psychological structure of every variety of children’s activity, to indicate the styles of its improvement for the duration of preschool childhood; provide the capabilities: – advancement and implementation on the academic technique of preschool establishments; – intellectual, ethical, actual physical, social, aesthetic, financial, environmental schooling and progress of children of early, preschool and preschool age. be skilled: – inside industry of education: to find out the primary elements, functions of operating and growth, idea and exercise of education and learning and instruction, prospective customers for renewal and improvement; – in being familiar with the role of psychological things in fixing the problems of education and learning, exercising to be capable to work out psychological obstacles inside of their specialty; – while in the would mean of diagnosis and correction of particular person traits of preschool little ones.

Pre-school education and preparation

Objective: to be sure equal entry to outstanding pre-school schooling and working out Target indicator: proportion of kids aged 3-6 ages enrolled in pre-school education and learning and guidance on up to date subject material Duties: one. To further improve the quality belonging to the training workforce of pre-school businesses and strengthen the prestige with the educating career. By 2020, it is actually planned to improve the share of lecturers in pre-school organizations with specialised bigger and technological and vocational schooling to fifty percent. To achieve this indicator, the point out instructional buy with the workout of teachers in universities and faculties during the specialty “pre – School education and training” might be increased annually (in 2015, one 805 grants were being allotted in faculties, 295 grants in universities, in 2019 in schools – approximately 2,two hundred, in universities – up to 350 grants). It is usually also planned to switch to impartial certification of educating workforce for pre-school education and learning and guidance in 2019. Every yr, about 7,000 teachers of pre-school instruction and guidance will undergo coaching courses within the cost with the spending budget. Furthermore, instructors of pre-school businesses will each year boost their skills within the price of extra-budgetary money. two. Maximize the community of pre-school organizations taking into account the demographic situation. Pre-school corporations will cultivate both quantitatively and qualitatively, shall be targeted on conference the wants on the population, using into consideration the demographic circumstances. By 2020, 186.three thousand new sites can be made (2016 – forty seven.four thousand; 2017 – forty one.nine thousand; 2018 – forty four.6 thousand; 2019 – fifty two.four thousand), which will raise the rate of coverage of children, like from low-income families, preschool training and instruction. These places would be furnished for the expense of expansion of the community from the preschool corporations with extensive working day of labor by gradual transformation with the mini-centers with short-term day of work in complete within the price of suggests of your localized finances and mechanisms of PPP. Active and specific specifics of the benefits of PPPs and also the placement on the point out instructional will sakasavesa considerable growth of personal preschools. New conventional initiatives for the building and operation of pre-school organizations positioned on the 1st floor of residential complexes, as well as as a result of PPP, can be formulated. In 2019, the number of rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction will expand from a hundred thirty five models to 263 models. three. Update the content material of pre-school instruction and training aimed at excellent quality planning of children for college. Seeing that 2016, the up-to-date Condition pre-school education and learning and exercising system will likely be released, developed getting under consideration the early progression of children from 1 to 3 a long time, Common training product system of pre-school training and preparation and academic process of pre-school exercising. Simply because 2017, all companies of preschool training and coaching will progressively introduce parts with the method of multilingual education and learning with all the examine of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. By 2017, a plan of indicators would be developed and executed to trace the development of skillsets in young boys and girls in pre-school corporations. Analysis might be performed for the starting, center and conclusion in the college year (setting up deal with, intermediate and remaining), the results are crammed while in the “observation Sheets”. Around the basis from the acquired details, a person toddler growth card is filled in. Job will carry on in the development and implementation of academic and methodical complexes (hereinafter-UMK), which include extraordinary courses for youngsters with amazing academic wishes for 8 forms of violations. Pre-school planning of 6-year-olds should be remodeled in the 1st quality of the 12-year college from the 2019-2020 university yr. From 2017, at the price of extra-budgetary resources, the system of distance understanding for parents to care for children of preschool age and their enhancement (a minimum of 2 thousand mom and dad of youngsters 1-6 many years outdated who really do not go to preschool corporations in every single area) will probably be tested and implemented by the portal “??????.kz”. 4. To further improve administration and monitoring in the enhancement of pre-school instruction and instruction. The notification method to the commencing and termination of activities in the field of pre-school training and coaching will probably be additional enhanced, which is certainly geared toward strengthening management in excess of the actions of pre-school businesses and escalating the obligation of your subjects of pre-school education and learning. Almost every calendar year, twenty percent of pre-school education establishments will bear the method of point out certification to regulate the compliance of instructional services considering the prerequisites of your condition obligatory typical of pre-school training and workout. In accordance considering the Notion of social progress within the Republic of Kazakhstan until such time as 2030, function will continue on to boost the technique of assessment of educational achievements. Academic plans of enhanced education classes inside the subject of administration will be current, that may be trained on a yearly basis by twenty percent of heads of preschool organizations. The tutorial packages of enhanced training programs will embrace ground breaking forms of administration with the progress of leadership traits inside of a new paradigm of education and learning. Measures will likely to be taken to build a society of nutrition among preschool young boys and girls, as well as thru the marketing of a balanced nourishing weight-reduction plan and guaranteeing their consumption of all-natural and refreshing goods.

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St. Nicholas Eparchy Commission on Laity - Social polling of all parishioners in the Eparchy.

Комісія у Справах Мир’ян єпархії Св. Миколая в рамках покладених на неї обов`язків, проводить соціальне опитування вірних нашої єпархії. Основна ціль цього заходу – отримати якомога ширшу картину існуючого стану справ нашої єпархії, взнати реальні проблеми, потреби і запити пов`язані із духовно релігійним життям нашої громади, також, по можливості отримати від вірних слушні і цінні поради.

Процес опитування триває. Анкету можна виповнити в он-лайн тут:
– українською мовою: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSek_g1dOE0LBqc0tEJ2i9QqDUbvtBmqrVvHxCKdM2vuPGiIdg/viewform .

– English Version of the polling: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnESlmr8fVHYh3jkhRIl5zI4T2GD-AwM_DgbqnIseb0Mg7aw/viewform

Окрім того, цього тижня анкета є видрукувана в газеті «Час і Події». Її можна вирізати, виповнити і залишити у відповідній скриньці на вашій парафії, або знову ж таки, ви можете скористатися електронним варіантом анкети, зісканувавши з газети відповідний QR код.

Опитування є анонімним. Ваші щирі думки, поради і запитання є дуже важливі для розвитку наших парафій!
Дуже просимо всіх до участі! Наперед щиро вдячні вам за допомогу і співпрацю!!!
З повагою,
Комісія у справах мирян єпархї Св. Миколая.


Beloved in Christ Youth in Ukraine and abroad!        Palm Sunday, the day of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, is traditionally in our Church an occasion to reach out to you with a special greeting and prayer. I value this occasion most highly, for I recognize that speaking to all of our youth—to all social groups, countries and cultures, uniting myself to you and constituting one great church family, is my privilege and responsibility.  

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